dataplot, a viewer for electrical data

The dataplot application aims to become a versatile data viewer moslty designed for electronic developers. The application is written with python using gtk widgets. The application heavily relies on matplotlib for plotting and numpy for all data.

design overview

The application is splitted into the following main parts: There's a one to one relationship between the plottree and the plotnotebook. Where the first level refers the tabs of the notebook. The second level can hold some subplots (not implemented yet). The third holds the x-axis data and the 4th holds the y-axis data.

basic screenshot

datatree and datasource plugins

The datatree is a representation for all opened datasources. It can have the following entry types: A datasource is opened with the data menu that contains an entry for each available datasource plugin. A datasource plugin has a fixed interface that can load data files, return the tree structure of the given dataset and has some access functions to get the data from a specific data element.

The currently available datasource plugins are: When activating (double-clicking) an array with 2 or 3 dimensions, you can select a single 1d-array with the following dialog:

array selection dialog

The dialog just generates one or more slices of the selected data that would be generated with the array operator like "data[:,2]" or data[2,2,:] with python. You can select one vector as x-data and one or more as y-data. Accepting the input of the dialog will add the selected vectors to the current plot.

When activating an table entry you can select one column of the data as x-data and one or more as y-data. If you select no x-data, a generic x-data vector will be used.

table selection dialog

The selected vectors are stored as references to the datasource with the three variables datasource, path, slicer. The path refers the interal location inside the datasource. The slicer either contains the column name for tables and a slicing description for arrays.

plottree and plotting

The options for a current subplot can be set with a dialog. It is opened when activating the subplot node.

subplot option dialog

Basic scrolling and paning can be done with the mouse wheel.

development and source code

This small application is currently under development. If you like to play with it you can get the source from the git repository


Here's a list of features that I plan to code:

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