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OSM Relation Hierarchy: ro

Hierarchical listing of all relations.
In the table below a relation with the tags type=route route=bicycle is written as route --> bicycle.


Total number of relations: 11157
Different type tags: 21
Different hierarchical types: 73

List of rarely used relation types or without type tag: rare_relations.txt
List of relations with bad member roles: relationroles.txt
(Can be used with a spreadsheet programm to fix the relations)


row colors
established proposed incomplete misplaced_value redundant typo strange deprecated

link count relation type hierarchy note / hint
d41d 55every relation should have a type tag
4a2f 8associatedStreet
81fd 2boundary
bbd9 268boundary --> administrativeconsider using type=multipolygon
2c5b 1boundary --> census
d9cc 1boundary --> political
f157 6boundary --> religious_administration
f167 15boundary --> statistical
98ac 2bridge
1b20 87building
bd5c 2building --> retail
930b 3clone:height
db6d 19collection
9705 1collection --> coastline
dee5 3enforcement --> maxspeed --> 50
2286 2multilinestring
11c1 4982multipolygon
91e0 1network
c7ba 1network --> CTP (Compania de Transport Public Cluj Napoca SA)
70f5 1network --> Europaveje
401e 1network --> R.A.T.T.
e0b7 1network --> RATP & Unistil
85ff 4network --> bg:national
1b73 1network --> ro_ratbv
c0a8 1network --> ro_tursib
f4eb 1network --> ua:international
7cdc 1network --> ua:national
7018 1network --> ua:territorial:ods
d598 23public_transport --> stop_area
3dad 1restrictionshoud have an extra restriction= tag
151e 666restriction --> no_left_turn
7e7f 159restriction --> no_right_turn
92ae 15restriction --> no_straight_on
c774 567restriction --> no_u_turn
ab61 94restriction --> only_left_turn
d116 758restriction --> only_right_turn
636c 1096restriction --> only_straight_on
9c46 11routetype=route should have an additional route= tag
203c 48route --> bicycle
ffaa 502route --> bus
7ad4 20route --> bus --> minibus
2fe2 6route --> foot
e7fb 800route --> hiking
29e4 3route --> horse
8b3b 9route --> mtb
dfbf 1route --> national train
e570 7route --> piste
f718 5route --> planned_hike
1fee 25route --> railway
4547 270route --> road
574d 13route --> share_taxi
85cb 6route --> subway
e99f 18route --> train
03c6 117route --> tram
5a63 2route --> tram_(suspendat)
c315 79route --> trolleybus
1409 1route --> walking
b7fc 1route_master
0003 171route_master --> bus
f1e2 1route_master --> road
ace5 4route_master --> share_taxi
8122 2route_master --> subway
cf7c 45route_master --> tram
1b8a 28route_master --> trolleybus
f90c 1sewage
98de 4site
e05e 5site --> piste
8344 5superroute
1362 1tunnel
b21b 10turnlanes:lengths
e367 67turnlanes:turns
bc4d 2waterway --> canal
1fd9 17waterway --> river

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