Solitare Solver

The aim of this simulation program is to find some solutions for the solitaire game. As there are many possible moves it takes some time till the computer solves the game the first time.

Basically I'm using backtracking to solve that problem. The improved setup makes it possible that the moves can be done with bit operations. Some heuristics cut large segments of the search tree to reduce redundant moves.


screenshot of the solitaire solverm

Explanation of the output:

The 'x' are the pins and the '0' are the already empty holes.
The programm counts the simulated moves and the found solutions. The simulation speed is printed too.
The move list represents the moves that led to the pin positions printed above. There are 108 different possible moves.


The license is public domain, so do whatever you want. This program comes with no warrenty.
The programming language is C.
source code: solitaersolver.c

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