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OSM Relation Hierarchy: planet_power

Hierarchical listing of all relations.
In the table below a relation with the tags type=route route=bicycle is written as route --> bicycle.


Total number of relations: 12001
Different type tags: 7
Different hierarchical types: 21

List of rarely used relation types or without type tag: rare_relations.txt
List of relations with bad member roles: relationroles.txt
(Can be used with a spreadsheet programm to fix the relations)


row colors
established proposed incomplete misplaced_value redundant typo strange deprecated

link count relation type hierarchy note / hint
d41d 28every relation should have a type tag
81fd 1boundary
8ea5 3boundary --> power
db6d 1collection
1749 1collection --> power
11c1 1529multipolygon
91e0 274network
998f 4network --> power
62cd 2power
0766 2power --> branch
5cc5 46power --> circuit
211d 2power --> line
8511 13power --> minor_line
b55e 4power --> plant
32c2 9410route --> power
6677 3route --> power --> line
98de 673site
bc41 2site --> power
d609 1site --> power --> substation --> transmission
f5d2 1site --> power_plant
f15b 1site --> yes

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