Solitaire Game

I wrote this program long times ago, the source has a the date May 1997, while I was playing with Borlands "Turbo C++ 4.5".

Target of these well known game is to jump with one pin over another, the overjumped pin has to be removed. At the end of the game there should only one pin be left in the center of the playing field.

If you want to know how the game can be solved, take a look at the "Demo" mode. A red courser will show you 2 successful games, 2 unsuccessfull games and 1 special game. The special game solves the problem to keep as much as possible pins at the board and no pin can be moved after.

I got the solutions with another programm (very ugly programming style) that needed more than 10 days to find a solution. The algorithum is similar to that of the knights tour problem, which uses backtracking too.
After I got my new AMD64 box I've written a 64bit version of the solitaire solver. It is much faster, as a single move is only a bit operation. You can find the solver at this page.


screenshot of the solitar program


The license is public domain, so do whatever you want. This program comes with no warrenty.
The programming language is C++.
The natural language is german (I cannot change this because of my broken windows partition)
The OS is Windows, but it runs well under Linux with wine.
tar-ball (program with the necessary dll's) download the programm
tar-ball (program sources) download the source

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